Nemzeti Sportközpontok

Aladár Gerevich National Sports Hall


The National Sports Hall was the first covered sports coliseum of Hungary. It was built in 1941. Several hundreds of children do sports in the legendary hall and its connected buildings, as well as professional athletes – Olympic and world champions among them – train for the national and international competitions here.


address: 1146 Budapest Istvánmezei út 3-5.

phone: 00-36-1-471-4303


institution manager: Levente Nagy-Pál


The Aladár Gerevich National Sports Hall is located in district XIV, on the grounds of the Budapest Olympic Centre. It is accessible by car on Istvánmezei street from the direction of Thököly street. Parking is available in front of the sports hall.

The entrance is a 2-3 minute walk from the Dózsa György street station of the BKV bus No 7.

Equipment, services


Aladár Gerevich National Sports Hall


The 400 metre large arena, with a stand of 1900 seats, is suitable for the arrangement of aerobic, table tennis, wrestling, judo, karate, boxing, rhythmic gymnastics, weight-lifting, and fencing matches and tournaments.


The institution also houses a gymnastics hall, a wrestling all, a judo hall, as well as a small and a large fencing hall.


Additional facilities: seven changing rooms, press room, protocol room, sauna, buffet, medical room.

Ice Theatre

– boxing hall: has 12×15 metres of floor space, apart from boxing is also used for kick-box;

– two table tennis rooms: can hold 10 tables at a time, has a stand of 336 seats;

– judo hall

– practice pool for kayak-canoe and rowing

Swimming pool

The 25 metre long pool with 6 lanes is mostly used by swimmers and pentathlonists. It is also suitable to hold the trainings and competitions of athletes with disabilities.

Equipment of the pool: central heating, water cycling and purification systems;

Our full price list can be found here.


Professional sport

Several hundreds of children do sports regularly in the Aladár Gerevich National Sports Hall and its connected institutions, as well as professional athletes – Olypmpic and world champions among them – train for the national and international competitions here.

This is where for example the gymnasts Krisztián Berki and Vid Hidvégi, the wrestlers Péter Módos, Tamás Lőrincz and Mihály Deák Bárdos, the fencer Áron Szilágyi, the pentathlonist Róbert Kasza and the judoka Abigél Joó trained for the 2012 London Olympics.

The institutions are in use by the gymnastics, wrestling, fencing, judo, taekwondo and pentathlon federations most of the time.

Amateur Sports

The facilities of the sports hall are primarily to be used by the certified athletes of the clubs but some areas are allowed to be accessed for leisure time sports activities as well.

Swimming Pool

Open for public since 2012, swimming availability is dependent on the number of free lanes. Entry fee: 1000 HUF/occasion


Grand hall

Non-professional teams are also allowed to rent it for football or volleyball matches

Further information: or 00-36-1-471-4303


In addition to holding sports events, the Aladár Gerevich Sports Hallhall is suitable to host concerts, dance competitions, school proms, exhibitions, conferences, religious, business and political events as well.

There are 6-7 school proms hosted in the institution annually, and due to its peculiar atmosphere numerous motion-pictures have been shot in the building already. As always, we welcome all film producers who would like to shoot at this extraordinary location.

The National Sports Centres undertakes the organization of conferences and business sporting events in the institution if required.