Nemzeti Sportközpontok



The Körcsarnok is a multifunctional sports hall located in the territory of the Olympic Centre of Budapest. The stands are able to allocate 1600 spectators, while during a concert the hall is able to house 2550 people. The arena is suitable to host the trainings and contests of any indoor sports except for volleyball. The Körcsanok is a popular location to hold concerts, exhibitions, fairs, political assemblies and school proms at.


address: 1146 Budapest, Istvánmezeiút 3-5.

phone: 00-36 -1-471-4221


Institution manager: Ferenc Németh

Director of the Olympic Centre of Budapest: György Kis


The Körcsarnok is located in district XIV of the capitol and is easily accessible by public transportation or by car.

Underground (Metró): line 2, Puskás Ferenc Stadion station

Bus: No. 95

Trolley bus: No. 75, 77 and 80

Tram: No. 1 or 1/A

The parking lot holds 350 places, available for the VIP guests of the events. It is located in the area of the Olympic Centre of Budapest.

Professional Sport

The Körcsarnok is suitable to host the trainings and contests of any indoor sports except for volleyball.

The institution is regularly used by the athletes of the national teams and clubs of various sports for training and competitions. The most frequent guests are the handball, basketball, table tennis, frisbee players and the judokas.

In addition to the arena, the Körcsarnok also contains a training hall, seven changing rooms and two offices. Two of the changing rooms are suitable to service athletes with physical disabilities.

For the important guests of the events there is a VIP balcony available that can accommodate 30-40 people.

Amateur Sport

It is possible to organize company or friendly matches in the Körcsarnok (for example indoor football or handball), but the training and competition schedule of professional athletes must be complied with.

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The Körcsarnok is a popular location in Budapest to hold school proms at, but in the past decades it hosted several concerts, exhibitions, political assemblies and fairs as well. The institution is also suitable to hold corporate or family sports days.

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Did you know?

  • At the 1955 World Women’s Handball Championship the Hungarian national team fought their way into the world finals here.
  • In 2003 the parquet floor was covered with a special substance to create the perfect course for the World Championship of Bowling.
  • In 2006 the unique glass course made for the European Squash Championship provided an extraordinary spectacle.