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Olympic Centre of Dunavarsány


The Olympic Centre in Dunavarsány has a direct connection to water at the branch of the Danube at Ráckeve. It is a facility for competition sport and leisure sport. It is situated on a 5-hectare area, it has extraordinary natural conditions. The calm surroundings and the closeness of waterside nature guarantees that the athletes who prepare here can train in a calm environment and also family and corporate sport programmes can be organised here successfully.


The Olympic centre can be reached from the capital in 25-30 minutes, therefore it is a significant facility for sport services and accommodation in the neighbourhood of Budapest. Our mission is to satisfy all those people who visit our Olympic centre.

The training camp was opened on 8th June in 1968. Its first guests were the kayak-canoeing athletes who prepared for the Olympics in Mexico. From that time on we had multiple enlargements and developments and even today we aim to renew the centre continuously.

Our 44 fully equipped double rooms provide perfect relaxing conditions to our guests. The rooms have view to the Danube-branch at Ráckeve. Our conference rooms are suitable for hosting greater or lesser family and corporate events, trainings, cocktail parties, product presentations, receptions and exhibitions as well.

We offer a wide range of colourful and rich programmes for the participants of the events, from team-building trainings to canoe tour programmes or grill parties. Our guests can complete their day in our swimming pool, sauna house or gym.

Our restaurant has a panorama to the river Danube, and it offers seasonal á la carte menu. Our hotel offers table football and biliard opportunuties to those who are interested in having some fun.


address: 2336 – Dunavarsány, parcel number: 050/4

GPS: Lat: N47°18’45,00”; Lon: E19°02’16,80”


phone: 06-24-473-044, 06-70/372-7225

Head of the Olympic centre:  Ákos Kovách



  • By car: One shall leave route 510 at the junction at Taksony, and then need to turn right after the junction at Szigethalom. From there the entrance of the Olympic centre is 50 m away. Parking is provided in the facility.By bus: From the bus stop „Népliget” there are buses in the directions of Áporka, Baja and Kiskunlacháza. One shall get off the bus at the stop „Szigethalom Autógyári elágazás”.

Leisure sport, services for the public

Among registered athletes, the Olympic Centre in Dunavarsány is happy to welcome tourists, fishermen and leisure athletes as well. After notification the following services are available for them:

  • accommodation
  • catering
  • the use of the gym – not only for those who are staying in the Centre
  • the use of the running and the track and field track
  • the use of the swimming pool – not only for those who are staying in the Centre – There is possibility for individual swimming and swimming courses as well. The use of swimming caps is obligatory. The swimming pool is functioning again.
  • the use of the sauna house – only for those who are staying in the Centre
  • fishing – only with one’s own permission – only for those who are staying in the Centre


The training centre is capable of hosting corporate and family sport days (up to a maximum of 200 people), hosting wedding dinners (up to a maximum of 80 people), organising courses (up to a maximum of 30 people), and hosting prom evenings as well.

Did you know?

  • In 1982 the pleasure boat which had the French president, Francois Mitterrand on board, moored at the pier of the training centre. The president had a look at the facility and continued his journey by car.
  • In the 1970’s international kayak-canoeing competitions were held at the training camp.

Whom it is recommended?

The guest-loving staff at the Olympic Centre in Dunavarsány pay great attention to their job, so professional athletes, people who seek some active leisure time, as well as corporations and school groups are welcome with excellent food and clean and tidy rooms. The facility is suitable for:

    • organising training camps for senior and junior athletes
    • accommodating individual guests and tourist groups organised by tourist offices
    • organising corporate and family sport programmes
    • hosting courses, conferences
    • organising other events, for instance, weddings.

More information and booking:

Competition sport

Straight from the opening of the training camp, Hungarian Olympic and world champions as well as members of junior and national teams and also foreign athletes from all around the world spent some time in the training camp in Dunavarsány, benefiting from its services.

Among others, the Olympic Centre in Dunavarsány had Katalin Kovács, Danuta Kozák, Gabriella Szabó, Botond Storcz, Zoltán Kammerer, Mihály Deák Bárdos, Tamás Lőrincz, Ferenc Csipes, Zsolt Gyulay and Kálmán Mészöly among its guests.

Services, equipment


  • 42 double rooms with shower, WC, air-conditioning (on the first floor, 6, on the second floor, 18, on the third floor, 18 rooms). The area of the rooms: 21,1 square metres.
  • 2 single rooms with shower, WC, air-conditioning (one on each of the second and the third floor). The area of the rooms: 14,7 square metres
  • All rooms are equipped with television, fridge and a phone.
  • On the whole territory of the training centre internet connection is provided.

 Meeting rooms

  • 2 air-conditioned meeting rooms, each are 56 square metres, and each are suitable for 25-30 people.


  • Generally there is buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • If our guests need it, we can provide pre-breakfast, morning snacks and afternoon snacks.
  • The restaurant is suitable for 110 people altogether.
  • Our kitchen is equipped to prepare 200 portions of food, the HACCP system is in operation since 2003.

 Sport facilities

  • Football pitch: 115 x 65 m, covered by high-quality sod and with electric lighting
  • Track and field track: the sod-covered football field is surrounded by a 400 m running track, covered by clay
  • Sport hall: the playing area is 29,8 x 18 m, its height is 8 m, it is covered by sports flooring. It is suitable for: volleyball, basketball, wrestling, badminton, table tennis, judo and fencing trainings. Additional rooms: two changing rooms, a sauna
  • Gym: 374 square metres, eqipped by modern machines
  • Swimming pool: 25 m long, 8 m wide pool, the water depth is 1,4 m, water recirculation, flat water surface
  • Sauna house: whirlpool with water recirculation, dry and steam sauna. It is suitable for 8-10 people at a time
  • Boat storage: 60 x 9,3 m


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