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Olympic Centre of Szeged


The competition course of the Maty stream, officially called the Olympic Centre of Szeged, is one of the best kayak-canoe and rowing sports institution in the world in regards of its natural attributes. The almost 2.5 kilometres long and 130 metres wide course is suitable to host even the highest level international competitions. In addition to kayak-canoe and rowing the institution is an excellent location for the training camps of other branches of sport, and it is even available to leisure time sportspeople.

The history of the course

The Maty stream institution is currently situated in 76-hectare area out of which the water surface constitutes 40 hectares.

In 1979 the decision was made to create a multifunctional catchment basin west of Szeged, near the former river bed of the Tisza. It would serve as a base for water sports, an angler’s paradise, a recreation spot and as an inner river basin.

The almost 3 kilometres long, 120-300 metres wide and on average 3 metres deep valley was completed in three years.

The Maty stream Water Centre was opened in June 1981 and over the past thirty years it has become perhaps the most popular kayak-canoe course in the world. Due to the favourable wind conditions it is widely considered to be one of the „fairest” courses, not to mention that the Hungarian spectators are able to create a unique atmosphere during the world competitions.

Several significant developments have taken place on the course since 1981, the most recent one happened before the 2011 kayak-canoe world championship. The motel at the river bank was expanded with 10 rooms for disabled, the stand, the VIP building and the renovated finish line tower were connected with a terrace system, a new fitness room was built and six new changing rooms were created as well. The lower floors of the buildings were made disabled friendly so that the Olympic Centre of Szeged could become suitable to host the training camps and competitions of para-athletes. Furthermore, six new catamarans arrived in Szeged for the 2011 world championship thus the boat stock of the Olympic centre was expanded to nine.


address: 6725 Szeged, Alsóvárosi Fekete földek 158.

phone: 00-36-62-541028, 00-36-62-541029


director of the Olympic Centre: Zoltán Szovics


The Olympic centre is situated 8 kilometres west of the city of Szeged. The course is in close vicinity to the airport, it is bordered by the road No. 55 (Szeged –Baja) to the north and by the road No. 5 (Szeged-Röszke) to the south. The M5 motorway runs around 2 kilometres to the south from the eastern shore of the lake. Anybody who arrives via the motorway should take the exit at the road No. 55.

Parking: a car-park capable to accommodate almost 100 cars is at the disposal of the guests.

Public transportation: the course can be reached by the inter-town bus line to Röszke that leave every hour from the Mars square in Szeged.

Services, equipment


  • 30 rooms with 3 beds, air conditioning, bathroom, TV, refrigerator.
  • 10 of the rooms are suitable to accommodate athletes with disabilities.
  • 100 square metre lounge
  • mixed sauna for six people
  • fitness room
  • WIFI access available


  • A restaurant for 80 people with kitchen and a buffet can be found on the ground floor of the motel.

Finish line tower

  • The four-storeyed, 600 square metre building’s main purpose is to support the competitions of the most important branches of sport, but it is suitable to host recreational events as well.

VIP building

  • It is a three-storeyed, 700 square metre building with offices, medical and drug test rooms on the ground floor.
  • VIP terrace and restaurant: suitable to host receptions, professional conferences, trainings, has a capacity of 100 people


  • Two-storeyed, overall 1100 square metres, has a capacity of 2000 people
  • lower floor: press centre, TV studio, offices, buffet
  • upper floor: broadcasting stations and a 118 square metre media roomwith equipment

Other facilities

  • 20 x 15 metres sized gymnasium
  • event tent for 200 people
  • 1 tennis course with artificial turf
  • concrete covered football field

Professional sport

The Olympic Centre of Szeged is one of the largest kayak-canoe institutions of the world. It meets the requirements of the International Canoe Federation in every respect so it is no wonder that several world competitions of the sport was organized here in the last 10-15 years. The 40-hectare water surface can be converted into a courseequipped with a paddled start pontoon, four lanes with nine sections, and an automatic starter as set out in the international regulations.

Besides kayak-canoe the Olympic Centre of Szeged is also suitable to host the contests and training camps of other branches of sport: rowing, dragon boat, roller skating, long-distance swimming, duathlon, triathlon, cycling, water skiing and angling.

The 90-room motel at the river bank provides the athletes with comfortable accommodation. The 10 rooms for disabled are able to house overall 30 para-athletes. A special ramp makes it possible for them to safely access the boats.

It is possible to hold trainings with an automatic starter during the training camps!

The well-equipped fitness room is suitable to hold conditioning sessions during the trainings in the winter season.

The restaurant is capable to service 80 people at once and the guests can order a buffet or plate service meals. Special menus can also be arranged for individual requests.

Because of the perfect sporting conditions the Olympic Centre of Szeged is not only popular amongst the Hungarian athletes but several foreign kayak-canoe and rowing teams also organized their training camps here in the last couple of years. Among others national athletes from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Iran, South Africa, China, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia trained here.

World competitions so far

  • 1989. World Rowing Junior Championships
  • 1991. World Freshwater Angling Championship
  • 1998. World Kayak-CanouSenior Championships
  • 2002. European Kayak-CanoueSenior Championships
  • 2005. World Kayak-Canoe Junior Championships
  • 2005. First European Kayak-Canoe Masters Championship
  • 2006. World Flat-water Kayak-Canoe Senior Championship
  • 2010. Dragon Boat World Championships
  • 2011. Kayak-Canoe World Olympic Qualification Tournament

Amateur sport, public services

Sports services

1 dragon boat, 4 tandem kayaks, 2 single kayaks and 2 Indian canoes are available for the guests who fancy some sporting. The boats can be used in the whole area of the competition course as long as the rules are observed.

Tennis courts with artificial turf are also available. Moreover, a well-equipped fitness room is at the service of the guests of the Olympic centre. A registration in advance is required to rent the boats or use the tennis courts and the fitness room.

Further information and registration:,,

Phone: 00-36-62-541028

Those who own a boat can purchase a summer pass to use the competition course, the parking lot in the territory of the institution, the boat storage, the changing rooms and the fitness room.

With the winter pass the guests can use the boat storage, the fitness room three times a week, and access the sauna at a reduced price following a registration in advance.


The services of the motel at the river bank are available following a registration in advance.

The full price list can be downloaded here. 


In addition to training camps and competitions, the Olympic Centre of Szeged is perfectly suitable to host corporate and family sports days, training courses, exhibitions, wedding ceremonies and even school trips.

The boat storage consists of 5 sections and is suitable to hold a wedding up to 400 people or a reception up to 1000 people.

Further information:,,

Tel.: 00-36-62-541028

Did you know?

  • The Maty stream is part of the Tisza as well! Every year 500.000-700.000 cubic metres of Tisza water is pumped through the Algyő main channel to substitute the water lost due to evaporation. 2 million cubic metres of water is necessary to maintain the ideal water level.
  • The catchment basin of the Maty stream is one of the most popular competitive angling spots in the country.
  • Wedding in the Olympic Centre? Yes, of course! Every year 8-12 young couples get married here, sometimes on one of the pontoons in the course.