Nemzeti Sportközpontok

Training pool in Iváncsa


The training pool of the Iváncsa subregion welcomes the residents of the settlement along with the students of nearby schools.


The training pool in Iváncsa was opened in the beginning of 2014. The handover of the the building was five years ago. It is in excellent condition, and looks imposing even from the outside. Inside our guests can spend some sporting time in nice and calm ambiance.


address: 2454 Iváncsa, 1. Arany János street

phone: 06-25-524-544

Head of facility: Péter Kend

Opening hours

From Monday to Friday that facility is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day, but from 8 am to 4 pm there are swimming courses for school children. On Saturday the swimming pool is available from 10 am to 6 pm, while on Sunday it is available from 10 am to 8 pm.


In the facility there is a 25 m long swimming pool with four lanes and a 12 m long swimming pool for teaching swimming. Besides these pools, the facility has an infra sauna, a steam room and a hot tub, all of them to help our guests’ full relaxation and recharging their batteries. The use of swimming caps and slippers is obligatory in the pools. There are hairdyers at our guests’ disposal after their swim. There are lockable cabinets in our spacious changing rooms, so everyone can lock in their valuables to be safe.

Swimming education: The „Let’s learn swimming” programme is being operated by the Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Centre in the facility. From the grammar schools of the settlements of Iváncsa, Adony, Besnyő, Kulcs, Perkáta, Pusztaszabolcs and Szabadegyháza approximately a thousand children take part in the programme.

Therapeutic swimming: Those children who hold a medical referral are treated by experts.

Price list

A day ticket for adults is 890 HUF, for students and retired people it is 690 HUF. A preferential ticket – for 2 hours of stay – can be bought (for 590 HUF and 490 HUF) as well.

The full price list can be found here.